Our clients occasionally ask us for more information on products that will help them through their grieving process or mention they would like a keepsake to remember their loved one or would prefer another urn
We have located an Australian based, reliable supplier that may assist you or a friend at this sad and difficult time.  To view their catalogue please click on the link below. There are so many beautiful urns available it is impossible to keep all of them in stock so by looking at the catalogue below you can pick from a larger assortment and hopefully find the perfect urn for your loved one. 

If you would like to proceed with  an order please do so through their website and ask them to have your order sent to us, please mention your loved ones name in the order so we know it is for you. 
Please note before you proceed..
The following items are not inclusive of cremation, simply the cost of the casket or other products supplied 


Cremation Urn Emporium.  
Newcastle & Hunter Pet Crematorium