Do you need to speak with someone in regards to your loss?
  Here are some organisations that may be able to assist you through this sad time.
If your pet has lost their sibling scroll down for information to help them as well. 
Please note some are free services others have nominal charges.
Local Support
Port Stephens
Phil Hough
B. Counselling
4982 8055
0421 705462
Yacaaba Centre
Information & Counselling Serrvice Port Stephens Inc
4984 2176
Central Coast
Grief Counselling
Jenny Boucher ADV DIP COUNS
Registered with ACA
0416 736 467
David Foote BVSc B Mus
David Foote is a veterinarian and counsellor who
specialises in the fields of grief over pet loss and stress management
Animal Caregiver Affective Wellness Services 
Email:  info@acaws.info
 Phone: (08) 8121 5775 
Skype to Skype services available for rural and interstate callers. 
13 11 14

If you are feeling a little concerned about your own well being there is a 
quiz  we have found that is quite helpful. It may help you make a decision whether  you need to take the next step and seek help from a professional 

Salvo Care Line
1300 363 622

Pet Loss Website

We have had several requests for information for the children, I have searched the internet and found a some information that is age appropriate so hopefully this site may be of help to you and your family 


Articles on Grief and the Loss of your Pet

Grief Healing 
Information, comfort and support for anyone coping with or anticipating the loss of a loved one, whether that is a person or a cherished animal companion.  Includes useful articles on various aspects of loss (including pet loss), recommended book lists, inspirational writings and poetry, and categorized links to dozens of other helpful resources.  Hosted by Marty Tousley, CNS-BC, FT, DCC, certified grief counselor. 
Support for your Pets

Disclaimer: we are not professional grief counsellors and the above information is for assistance purposes only.  Please seek professional advise if you are not coming to terms with the passing of your pet